One Year of Wordle

Amazingly, this morning was my Wordle anniversary. I’ve played 365 days in a row. I’m still enjoying it and I’m still using the previous days answer as my starting word. Quite often it isn’t a very good starting word, but that’s just how I like to play.

My stats for the year are 97% win with a current streak of 16 and a maximum streak of 56. I still rush each game, mashing the buttons without thinking hard enough. My wife has started to play again, and has 100% win. We also have a Wordle WhatsApp group which includes her eldest son. They are also playing Contexto, which is way too hard for me.

I was worried that when the New York Times took over the game that it might end up behind a pay wall. This hasn’t happened, which is good, although I will stop playing if I have to pay, along with millions of other people.

Do you play Wordle?


2 thoughts on “One Year of Wordle

  1. I’m one week short of a year of Wordle. Current streak of 120 is my longest with a 98% completion. Share results daily with my son who got me started. Vowed not to use Google or other helps. Unlike the NYT mini crossword which has me googling occasionally.

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