St Ninian

On the coast, a couple of miles south of the village of Whithorn there lies St Ninian’s cave. The cave was used in the film The Wicker Man, the original one, I don’t know if the remake used the same cave.

Driving through Whithorn we spotted an old church which had been converted into a petrol station. It looked bizarre to say the least.

We parked up and enjoyed a one mile walk through a Glen and onto the beach. St Ninian’s cave is a lot smaller than it used to be due to a number of rock falls. There was a barrier warning of danger. Nelly ignored it.

My lovely wife picked up a few pebbles from the beach as inspiration for her pottery.

Back at the car we drove to the Isle of Whithorn to visit St Ninian’s Chapel, which was also cordoned off being unsafe. Pleasant little village.

Another good day travelling around the Machars.


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