April Fools

1st April, the only day of the year that people critically evaluate things they find on the internet before accepting them as true.

When I was young I remember being taken in by more than a few April Fools day pranks. Now-a-days not so much. This could be because I’m more of a cynic, or because the pranks are too obvious. There were loads of them posted on the internet, but here is my critical evaluation of a few.

Brooks running shoes sent me an email letting me know that they had made running shoes for dogs, which was very apt as later that day I saw on old Lurcher who was indeed wearing shoes.


Obviously an April Fools day prank, but good natured and a bit of fun, much like the one from Cycling UK. I have completed a few sportives that they have organised, so often receive emails to entice me to sign up for more. This particular one did look amusing.


I like how they have photo-shopped out the front wheel of this guys bike to make it look like he could be riding a unicycle. This one again made me chuckle, and I can imagine that the marketing departments have a bit of fun each year coming up with new ones.

Fizik, the shoe and saddle manufacturer also had some fun, as they were advertising new shoes that would protect against disc brakes. They were made of chain mail. I wonder if Owain Doull will be getting a pair. I think they look great, but would be a bugger to clean if it was muddy.


One company that didn’t get it right was Skratch Labs, a small nutrition company in America, who much like OTE in the UK only produce natural products. I won’t desciribe their ‘prank’ but suffice it to say they missed the mark. It wasn’t offensive, it just wasn’t funny and was trying to be too serious.

Trek made fun of themselves with their habit of naming bikes with anagrams, for example Domane, Emonda and Madone. This time it was the Nomade, or No(t)made. I especially liked the bit about scientists:

We didn’t believe Trek’s top scientists, but then we bought them lab coats. And when they repeated their findings while wearing the lab coats, they looked so much smarter. And then we did believe them!

My favourite though was from Park Tools. The SA-K9 shop dog tool apron, which even has space for a small bone, as well as being durable and flea resistant.

dog apron

I was laughing thinking about Nelly running off with my tools, and then having to explain why she had lost my 6mm allen key chasing a squirrel.


Nelly, above, would probably not make a very good shop dog, although The Edge Cycleworks in Lancaster have offered.