I’ve Written a Book

When I say that I’ve written a book, it’s not a book. It’s a short story, very short, less than 7,000 words, or 36 pages of a Kindle. It was more of an exercise to see how easy it was, and if I could manage it. It’s fairly easy, although I would probably design my own cover next time, if there is a next time. I was also amazed that it isn’t that easy to publish your own book for free, which is what I intended to do, instead it is at the lowest price point possible, 0.99p. I think this is all about Amazon wanting to make a profit, although they do allow you to promote it for a few days for the knock down price of free.

What’s the book (short story) about?

Last summer, me and my lovely wife went cycling in the highlands of Scotland for a week, and this is my take on our mini adventure. Here is a link to the book, although I won’t be disappointed if you decline to make a purchase. Below is another link, and did I mention that I wasn’t particularly happy with the cover.

Within a day of my book (short story) being available, someone from Canada had bought a copy. I doubt if my royalties will allow me to get that Colnago.

As I said earlier, it was more of an exercise to see if I could self publish, and over the next few weeks I’ll probably post each chapter on my blog. If I’m honest I don’t think it’s very good, but then I’ve bought loads of books in my life that have been unreadable.

I would like to have another go in the future, but something longer but probably still cycling related.