Book Review: Outpost by Dan Richards

A book about sheds! What’s not to like. It gets even better. The sheds are located in the most remote locations, as the tagline states, to the wild ends of the earth. I’m fairly sure that it’s mud on the front cover and not poo.


Dan’s father was an Arctic research scientist, and on his last expedition to Svalbard he brought home a Polar Bear pelvis, which fascinated a young Dan, and ultimately inspired this book.

Each chapter focuses on a different shed, or outpost. Having only recently returned from Iceland the string of huts spread across the interior was of great interest. Dan also visits Desolation Peak in America, where Jack Kerouac spent the summer of 1956. As expected, none of the outposts are particularly easy to get to, with the exception of the writers retreat in France. The bothies of Scotland are fascinating, never having been to one, which is something that me and my amazing wife should put right sometime in the future.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, even though it took me many months to read. Each chapter stands alone nicely, so it is a great book to pick up and put down.