Elevation by Stephen King

A book I picked up from when we stayed in Wigtown, this time from Well-Read Books, who organised an excellent talk on the persecution of Scottish Witches.

Elevation is a fairly short book and hence there isn’t too much to write about. Set in one of Stephen King’s usual made-up small towns in Maine, Scott is losing weight. He isn’t losing mass. He is still as large as he ever was, but each day the scales show that he’s lost another pound or two. He has new neighbours who have opened a new restaurant in the town, but haven’t been welcomed. There is also the annual Turkey Trot Thanksgiving race to raise money for the town. One of Scott’s neighbours has entered and is expected to win as she used to be a professional runner. Hugely overweight Scott challenges her.

Elevation is almost not like a Stephen King book, as there isn’t anything gruesome or any horror. It is a friendly little tale with an unusual twist. One of his better books in recent years, and all the better for being so short. I gave it five out of five and would recommend it to fans of Stephen King and to people who’ve stayed away from his books.