Book Review; Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey

I’m slowly working my way through the pile of books that I’ve read but not reviewed, and this one I think I finished months ago.


First off, James S.A. Corey is the pen name of two collaborators, one of whom is an assistant to George R.R. Martin. Leviathan Wakes was another book recommended by the increasingly incorrectly named Manchester Post Apocalyptic Book Club. There is no post apocalypse in this book. Set in the future, mankind has colonised Mars, the Asteroid Belt and beyond. Generations have been living off world for so long that those brought up on colonies where gravity is less than on Earth are far taller. It’s also part of a much longer series called The Expanse, with Leviathan Wakes being the first book.

What’s it about? A drunken old cop is given a job of finding a runaway, with the knowledge that he will fail. In parallel is an officer on an ice miner, along with his crew, trading between Saturn and the Asteroid Belt. They find an abandoned ship, contaminated with an alien artifact. An unknown faction wants to start a war between the Belters, Mars and Earth as well as finding out what the artifact does.

There’s nothing ground breaking in this book, although it is a fairly satisfying read, and at well over 500 pages there’s a lot to get into. Of course, the proof with any series of books, is would you read the next one. I will be honest and say that it is very doubtful if I will. I just wasn’t gripped enough to continue with another seven books. I will probably take this book to the Free Little Library round the corner, instead of placing it on our bookshelf in the spare bedroom never to be looked at again.

It’s not a bad book, but it wasn’t really for me.