Book Review: Later by Stephen King

I’ve written before about how I stopped reading new books by Stephen King for a number of years, and how recently with The Outsider, The Institute and Doctor Sleep my enjoyment has returned. I’m glad that I have as Later is another absolute cracker of a read. My other recent Stephen King book reviews can be read here.

The book is all about young Jamie growing up in New York with his mother. Jamie has a secret which his mother insists, for good reasons, that he keep quiet about. He can see dead people, and talk to them, but only for a few days until they fade away. He uses his gift a couple of times to do good, but his mother and a policewoman use his gift for their own ends, with very differing results. Without giving away too many spoilers that is about as much as I can say.

There isn’t too much original with the story, and The Sixth Sense does get a mention, but it is all very well written with a great set of characters. Additionally the book isn’t too long and keeps a good pace going the whole way through.

Anyway, a short review for a short book which I gave 5 stars to on Goodreads.