Long Slow Run

I’ve entered the 50km version of Canalathon in two months time, so I thought it was about time that I did some longer runs. The 50km version of Canalathon starts in Manchester and finishes in Sowerby Bridge, which I think is the full length of the Rochdale Canal. There is also a 75km and 100km event on the same day, but for me the 50km version will be far enough.

Back to this morning’s run. I did just over 25km at a nice even pace, aiming for 10km an hour. I also wanted to try out my new Montane Fang5 trail running vest which my amazing wife bought for me last week. She’s had one for a few months and I borrowed it when we did a 90 minute run last week, but it was a little small. I also enjoyed holding the full water bottles, which remind me of fake boobs, although I have never touched fake boobs so I’m just guessing.


The first hour was running with our silly little pointer, Nelly. To keep her happy we went to the park and did two laps with her off the lead chasing squirrels. Imagine my surprise when she returned with one in her mouth. If I’m completely honest I think she may have found it and didn’t actually catch and kill it herself.


We then continued past the prison and down to the River Lune cycle path before returning home. Nelly didn’t look impressed about having to end her run when it was obvious that I was carrying on. Nelly isn’t the easiest dog to run with and 25km with the second half mainly on paved roads wouldn’t suit her.

Being incredibly organised I didn’t have any gels and knowing that without any extra calories I would be in a mess by the end, so I passed The Edge Cycleworks (friendly local bike shop in Lancaster) and bought a couple of Torq gels, finishing one there and then. My usual brand for gels is OTE, but if I’m feeling cheap I go for the Wiggle own brand. I seem to be able to run with any gel, except got Power gels where I had a very bad experience at the Lanzarote Ironman in 1999. I had my second Torq gel as I passed the new university building. Forest Fruits flavour not as nice as the Rhubarb one.


With only 5km left I slowly made my way home, and managed to not have to add in any silly little loops to make up the distance.

Writing this blog a few hours later, and my legs don’t feel too bad, although my ankles feel stiff so I will probably go for a very gentle swim in the morning. The Montane vest was brilliant. I might have to adjust the straps a little, but it was comfortable and I hardly noticed that I was wearing it. It also had pockets to put my hat and gloves as the run was a little warmer than expected, and various other useful pockets for my phone, keys and gels. A bi thank you to my lovely wife for buying it for me.