Three Sport Related Book Reviews

Three very different books about sport, and after reading a few book reviews from other bloggers I’ve decided to follow suit and give each book a score out of five.


First up is;

Dare to Do by Sarah Outen

Adventurer Sarah Outen has a big dream to circumnavigate the world under her own power. She is an experienced rower, having crossed the Atlantic already, but this adventure will test her to her limits, and beyond. First up the easy bit, cycling to London. There she meets up with a friend and they kayak to France. Back on her own again and the next leg is for her to cycle all the way to Japan. I would guess that originally the idea was for each section to run one after each other, but due to weather and boat issues, it is many months before she can depart Japan to row across the Pacific. Her first attempt is aborted when a huge cyclone wrecks her boat. Strapped inside the cabin the boat is flipped over a dozen times in the storm. Second attempt and she makes it to the chain of Islands that stretch out from Alaska. Once again it is back to kayaking, before cycling across Canada, in the winter, with her soon to be wife. Last leg is the row across the Atlantic before one final short cycle trip back home.

Amazing book and an amazing woman. Great adventure reading. 3.5/5.

Running Through the Night by David Byrne

Next is a book all about ultra running over and around mountains of Europe, and it wasn’t written by the singer from Talking Heads. David used to be a very keen cyclist but took up running, and found that he enjoyed the longer and more challenging races, hence the name of the book. There are a lot of facts and figures, training hints and tips, along with some amazing places.Some of the smaller races are extraordinary, for example running in Transylvania and the northern most tip of Norway, although Mount Blanc does also sound pretty amazing.

If, like me, you’re interesting in running further than a marathon then this book will appeal to you. If you’re not a runner, then probably give it a miss. 3.5/5 for the runners, 2.5/5 for the non runners.

Countdown to Lockdown by Mick Foley

Finally we have a book all about wrestling, specifically the hardcore legend Mick Foley coming out of retirement for one last big match. I’ve been a wrestling fan since forever, although I never seem to find the time to watch it on the television box. Mick Foley had a fairly long and distinguished career, wrestling as Mankind, Dude Love and most famously as Cactus Jack. Lockdown is a pay-per-view special organised by TNA, similar to the WWE, but a lot smaller, and Mick is due to headline inside a steel cage against his old foe Sting. Mick writes about his injuries, his family and wrestling in general, as well as the build up to this big match. Unfortunately, the book isn’t very good. His first book, Have a Nice Day, was brilliant and would appeal to non wrestling fans, it’s that interesting and would get 5 out 5 from me. Countdown to lockdown is for fans only, and big fans at that, 2/5.