Arnside with the Beautiful Mrs B

I will never get bored of cycling out to Arnside as it is easily one of the most pleasant and picturesque routes in the area. We took it easy on our touring bikes and stopped off for a brew at The Old Bakehouse where I had a seriously good date and oatmeal slice. Looking out of the window we couldn’t help but once again state the obvious about how good it would be if the railway bridge also had a cycle/pedestrian walkway attached to it. A short-cut to Grange-over-Sands would be so amazing.

We pootled on back towards home but Mrs B suggested cycling along the Prom in Morecambe. Once again I moaned about the lack of good quality linked-up cycling infrastructure, as it is almost a necessity that the Prom shared use path should link up with the back roads out of Carnforth. Instead you’re left cycling along the busy and narrow A6.


Back on the Prom and the skies were darkening and the tide was as high as I’ve seen it for a very long time. No beach at all, although plenty of fishermen.


Cycling along the Prom it was busy with the Vintage by the Sea Festival taking place this weekend. We also noticed that the scaffolding had been removed from the new block of 50 flats that had been built overlooking the bay. They don’t half look smart. (No photo as it was properly raining at this point). The beautiful Mrs B had a look at them online once we were home. Crikey! A two bedroom flat overlooking the bay was listed as £450,000. Good luck to the developers, although in my opinion that is a bit steep, especially with what that kind of money would currently buy in Morecambe. The funny thing is that Helen had been looking at properties in Morecambe, not seriously as we both love where we are at the moment, just to see what we could afford.

Morecambe is on the up, after too many years struggling, and if the new Eden project gets the green light the whole area will get a boost.