Week 7 already, and it was 80’s week. The signature bake was quiche, the technical bake was a filled finger doughnut and the showstopper was an ice-cream cake. Not having an ice-cream maker of a deep fat fryer the only bake left was for me to have a go at a quiche. Obviously from a baker’s point of view the pastry is what it is all about, but for regular people the filling is equally as important. I opted for a Lottie inspired recipe of beetroot, walnut and feta cheese. Over the 7 weeks Lottie had become one of our favourite bakers, so we were both sad to see her depart.

Anyway, Mary Berry quiche recipe, and all I needed was some walnuts and baking beans, although 5 minutes after returning home with beans my lovely wife found a jar full of them. My pastry the other week when I made Cornish Pasties was very good, so as expected this time it went really badly. Pastry was too crumbly and too thick, I didn’t use enough baking beans to prevent it rising and the oven was too hot. It went in the bin, which I hate to see.

Second attempt and I used half butter and half lard, which apparently helps, and my lovely wife showed me some tips on rolling out pastry and placing it into a tin.

Blind baking was another new skill for me, and second time around it looked good. I left the pastry to cool for a bit before adding the beetroot, walnuts and feta. Then I poured on the cream and egg mixture. Mary Berry recipe was all cream rather than half cream, half milk. Very indulgent.

What was the final result? In short, very tasty. Crumbly short pastry, rich and tasty filling. As usual with me it looked a little disheveled, which is something I definitely need to work on. I liked how the beetroot added a splash of colour. There was some leakage through the pastry but fortunately the tin kept it from leaking any further. I should probably also practice making pastry with a food mixer instead of doing it by hand. Finally, as the tin was so large I probably could have added more filling. I tend to be overly critical of everything I cook.

Overall I was very pleased with my first attempt at making a quiche, especially one without a dish or tin to keep it in place once cooked. When Bake Off is over I will continue baking something every weekend, and hopefully one day I will feel confident to enter the GBBO (not next year, too soon).