Brooks Adrenaline 21 – Shoe Review

New shoes are always exciting.

I’ve been using Brooks almost exclusively for many years, and the two years I’ve used the GTS series of shoes. The latest version of this shoe is now called the Adrenaline, and the 21 is the year. (I had the 19 and two pairs of the 20). This newer and slightly updated shoe apparently has a little more cushioning and a little more stability.

This review isn’t a long term one as I’ve only used them twice, both runs about 5km. Like most new shoes they feel a little stiff to begin with, but after a few more runs I’m sure they will soften up. Initially they feel a little heavier than my old shoes and a little more cumbersome. Time will tell.

One of my regular runs goes along a farm track which can be quite muddy. Not muddy enough for trail shoes, but your nice new road shoes will get a hefty coating of mud. Neither of my two runs have been along that track.

I like how my shoes look, all clean and new, so it might be a few weeks before I test them out down Grimshaw Lane.