Stunning Silverdale

This morning we went for a gentle little run around Silverdale. ‘We’ being me, the bearded one, Helen, the beautiful one, and Nelly, the unruly one. When Helen was training for leg 5 of the Bay Limestone Round she downloaded the app Wikiloc to her phone. One of the best features of this particular app is the volume of routes that have been uploaded to it. Helen searched for something around Silverdale as we had to drop off a wallpaper steamer back to a friend. The first good route Helen found was mostly leg 5, which neither of us fancied. The next route looked perfect; 7 and a bit miles, not too hilly and by the look of it footpaths we hadn’t been down before.

We parked up at the very popular Eaves Wood National Trust car park and headed off down Moss Lane towards the Gait Barrows National Nature Reserve and the slightly misleadingly named Hawes Water. Perfect trail running as we rounded the lake, coming across the newly refurbished Gait Barrows Summerhouse.

Due to Covid it wasn’t open, but the idea is that it would give respite to wet and tired walkers, as well as allowing visitors a good view of the wildlife. It has also been designed to allow bats somewhere to live.

After a short section on the road we ran back into Eaves Wood, letting Nelly off the lead for a good scamper. We passed a woman walking her dogs who asked if Nelly was an English Pointer (she is). We then noticed that one of the woman’s dogs was a beautiful young German Pointer, with a gorgeous white tipped tail. She was only 18 months old and was having a great time playing with Nelly.

The route took us along more brilliant footpaths until we reached the coast, stopping for more photos, although they never look as good as they should. We were tempted to let Nelly off the lead again but the ‘beach’ was mainly mud.

We continued on through a couple of fields and then headed towards Jenny Brown’s point, passing a couple of disused lime kilns.

It was a bit of a slippery mud fest as we struggled across some exposed limestone, or slimestone, as it is often called. The route followed a very gently inclined bridleway up to Hollins Lane. We followed the road for another short section before the route took us down Bottoms Lane, along another great little footpath and back to Eaves Wood carpark.

This was one of the best little runs that we had ever done, full of great views and lovely trails. A big thank you to the anonymous Wikiloc user who uploaded this brilliant little trail route.