It would appear that Saturday has become baking day. After last weeks success with Shortbread (read about it here), I decided to make biscuits again. Snickerdoodles are Dutch in origin and have an egg along with the expected butter and sugar. There is also nutmeg and cinnamon giving them a slightly Christmas taste. The recipe that I used was from The Australian Women’s Weekly, although there are loads on examples online.

First off, cream together butter, sugar (white and brown) and vanilla essence until smooth, and then add an egg and continue to mix until just coming together. To this add flour, bicarbonate of soda and nutmeg and stir until a rough dough is formed. This needs to chill for 30 minutes which is just enough time to clear up.

Create small balls from the dough and roll in a mix of sugar and cinnamon. These are then baked. The end result is a batch of very nice soft biscuits.

Mine are a little darker than most, which I put down to using a very dark Muscovado sugar mixed in with the white caster sugar. The added egg makes them nice and soft, which combined with the cinnamon coating makes them very moreish. As expected mine are not the neatest or anywhere close to being the same size, but they are very tasty. Also, very easy to make. I will be making more goodies from The Australian Women’s Weekly Home Baked collection in the future.