Book Review: Twisted by Steve Cavanagh

There is a whole load of twists and turns within this book, as expected with that specific title. It is quite difficult to review this book without giving away too much, but the basic premise is that an successful author famous for writing thrillers with unexpected twists possibly knows more about a missing person. Another less successful author is hiding because he knows too much. His wife is having an affair. The local police are trying to piece it all together.

There are a couple of minor details which didn’t ring true to me, but if you can gloss over them then this is a cracking thriller. My lovely wife read it in a matter of days and when she handed it to me I did the same. I have to admit that I guessed the twists at the end of the book, although only a few pages before they were revealed, which didn’t spoil the ending for me.

There are some very unique ideas in this book and it is also very well written. I gave it 4 out of 5 on Goodreads and if it hadn’t been for a couple of minor details I would have given it 5. Overall a very good thriller without too much gratuitous violence.

Book Review: Thirteen by Steve Cavanagh

The cover for this book has it written as ‘TH1RT3EN’ but as that hurts my eyes and my brain I’m going to stick with ‘Thirteen’. My lovely wife bought this book from our local Waterstones a few weeks ago, and loved it so much she told me that I just had to read it as well. I don’t as a rule read crime thrillers, unless there is a sci-fi or supernatural element, although I used to read all of the Kay Scarpetta series of thrillers by Patricia Cornwell. I stopped reading them because I realised that they were on the whole fairly horrible. That might sound strange coming from someone who is a self confessed horror addict. The difference is that horror isn’t real, it’s escapism, and a crime thriller is by it’s very nature trying to be ‘real’.

Anyway, after that fairly convoluted introduction, back to Thirteen by Steve Cavanagh. The hook is that the serial killer isn’t on trial, he’s on the jury. An ex-con, Eddie Flynn, is the defense attorney and his client is a Hollywood A-list star accused of murdering his wife and her lover. Can Eddie prevent his client from being found guilty, and at the same time expose the serial killer on the jury?

The plot is clever with plenty of twists and turns, as well as there being a whole group of characters. However, it is very easy to follow and as with my wife, I couldn’t put it down, rushing through it in three or four days. I don’t try to guess how a book will turn out, and even if I did try to guess, I would never have got it right with this thriller.

What we didn’t realise is that this is the fourth book in the Eddie Flynn series, with a short ebook set before book 1. Don’t let this put you off as you definitely don’t need to have read the other books. I gave this 5 out of 5 on Goodreads, and the test of an author is would you buy more from them. well, I am pleased to say that my amazing wife has already bought another book by Steve Cavanagh, although not one of the Eddie Flynn series. As a bonus, I’ve just purchased the ebook version of Fifty-Fifty, the just released fifth Eddie Flynn book, and it was at the discounted price of only 0.99p, which I will assume is for a limited period only.