Book Review 2018 – Part X

I’ve owned a Kindle for about six years now, although I did stand on my original one and had to get a replacement. Amazon were very good about this and sold me one on the cheap (they could probably afford it). I prefer real books, but sometimes an e-book is easier, or cheaper, and I can fill it with hundreds of books. Early in the year one of the ‘deals of the day’ was Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.


I’ve been a fan of Terry Pratchett for almost 30 years, back when the Discworld series was only on book two, but Neil Gaiman has passed me by. That is very remiss of me. Back in March I took my Kindle with me when we visited my parents for a few days, and I promptly left it there. They couldn’t find it for six months, even though I had said that it was most likely under the bed (it was).

Back to Good Omens, I started reading it in March and only finished it a couple of days ago. A two and a half hour train journey, which should have taken 45 minutes, allowed me finish it off. I loved it and could spot Terry’s humour in many passages and I am looking forward to the TV series.

What’s the book about? Witches, angels, demons, the apocalypse along with the four horsemen. All very good. You should definitely read it, and I will most definitely be reading some more books by Neil Gaiman.