Book Review: The Girl Who Lived Twice by David Lagercrantz

The sixth book in Stieg Larsson’s Millenium series and the third written by David Lagercrantz. I enjoyed the original trilogy of books, but I remember thinking that the fourth book, The Girl in the Spider’s Web (read my review here), was probably slightly better than the last original one. However, the fifth book, The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye (read my review here), wasn’t as good and would therefore be the last one that I would purchase. As luck would have it, the sixth book, The Girl Who Lived Twice, was available as an Amazon special for only 99p. I’m glad that I did download it because it is one of the best in the series.


In the latest installment, Lisbeth Salander is almost a supporting character to Mikael Blomkvist, who searches for answers as to why a dead homeless man from Nepal has a copy of his Millenium magazing on his person, and why was he in Norway. The book also looks at Russian Troll factories, a very current threat, especially in light of Trump’s 2016 election win and the Brexit vote in the UK. The book is quite grim and gruesome in places, especially towards the end, although for once it isn’t Lisbeth who suffers.

Overall it was a very good book which I gave 4 out 5 on Goodreads. However, I am still in two minds about whether these last three books should have been written considering the animosity between Stieg Larsson’s long term partner and his close family.

Currently I’m reading the final book in the Jane Hawk series by Dean Koontz and Night Show by Richard Laymon.