A bit more Eddington

The brilliant VeloViewer not only calculates your Eddington score in miles, it also does it for km, climbing and time, as well as being able to filter it by year. As I mentioned in my previous post, my Eddington score for miles has reached 100, but for km’s it is up to 135, so I have completed 135 rides of at least 135km, not too bad. Time wise my score is at 235 minutes, which shows how much I cycle, if I’ve done 235 rides that have been almost 4 hours in length, or how slow I am.

Climbing is a bit more tricky, so VeloViewer has made each step 20m, so I have now completed 85 rides with 1640m of elevation.

Yearly, 2014 was my biggest year with scores of 64 miles, 86 km and 1100m (55 rides) for climbing.


As you can see there isn’t a great deal of difference in the last four years by the middle of May, but gradually 2014 pulls ahead. Elevation wise 2015 was the lowest with 760m (38 rides), which I have almost overtaken already in 2016. This is what happens when you spend a year living in the flat lands of Hull and then move back to hilly Lancaster.

Currently there is a tough climbing challenge on Strava, so my climbing score for 2016 will increase, but I’m not sure if I’ll achieve 1000m like I did in 2013 and 2014.

More ramblings soon.

Eddington score

Yesterday I managed to reach the milestone of 100 miles for my Eddington score. Some of you may know what this is, but for the rest of you it means that I have managed to complete one hundred rides of 100 miles. Quite an achievement, but what makes the Eddington score so addictive is that it gets exponentially harder.


For example, a score of 10 miles requires only 10 rides of 10 miles, and a score of 50 miles requires 50 rides of 50 miles, but for myself the road is steep from here on. To obtain a score of 110 miles I will require an additional 51 rides of at least 110 miles. This is because I set myself a target of 100 miles, and therefore on many occasions, once I had cycled 100 miles I didn’t feel the need to continue. Steve Abraham, on the other hand, has a score of over 200 miles due to his attempt on the world distance record in 2015. It is highly unlikely that I will ever get a score that high, but maybe in a couple of years I will reach 110 miles or higher.

Note: Eddington image is a screenshot from the excellent Strava add-on site Veloviewer, well worth the £10 a year premium membership.