Ireland Cycling Adventure – Day 6

No cycling today on our cycling adventure as we have two nights in Belfast. We had intended to do the nearest parkrun, but as we also planned to do a walking tour we decided to give it a miss.

We headed into the city, stopping to look at ‘the thing with the ring’ or ‘Janet on the planet’.

We then had an excellent breakfast at Pottingers before meeting up with our booked walking tour. The tour was by DC Tours and was a history of the troubles. By God it was good. Just over two hours long and we were enthralled the whole time. If you’re ever in Belfast it is an absolute must do. The tour guide also talked about Brexit and how there is no way to avoid a hard border, and that a hard border will result in a return to violence. A recent poll conducted about a unified Ireland had results of 28% for it without Brexit and 46% for it with Brexit. Troubling times for the whole of Ireland.

We needed a sit down and think afterwards, as it was intense and very balanced, unlike the news we’d been fed back in the 80’s. As Helen said, it left her a wiser and better person.

To see a bit more of the city we jumped on an open deck tour bus.

This took us to see the famous shipyard and the Game of Thrones studio, before heading into the very protestant area of East Belfast.

Towards the end of the tour we went along the famous Falls Road in the catholic area, with the Bobby Sands mural.

We also saw the peace wall, the wall of walls and the Shanklin Road. My viewpoint of the troubles is definitely more balanced. So much to think about and history to read up on.

Tomorrow is the last day of our Ireland Cycling Adventure, involving a short ride to the ferry and a ferry back to Scotland. Ireland has been amazing and we will return.

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