Principia – Par Excellence

I’ve blogged about my Principia in the past, but I’ll say it again, simply the best bike I’ve ever ridden. Previous blog here My best bike…. ever

The pink respray just makes me stand out even more!

In the last couple of weeks my Principia has turned 18 years old, moved up to second place in my all time mileage for bikes, and has done 300 Strava rides, plus 150 rides before Strava (dark times).

Some stats: Total distance 17,860 miles.

Total climbing 275,000 m.

Total kudos 12,899.

Mileage is accurate as I’ve always kept records, but elevation required some ‘fudging’. I’ve calculated the amount climbed per km for the Strava rides, and then multiplied it by the non-Strava ride, with a factor of 0.85 as many of the pre Strava rides were done in Oxfordshire, which isn’t as lumpy as Lancashire.

Kudos is easier. I calculated the average kudos per ride, and then multiply it by by pre-Strava rides and add the two together.

Next milestones for my Principia; another 300 miles and he overtakes my old Cannondale to become my most ridden bike, and another 6,500 m of climbing and he will become the most uphill ridden bike I’ve had.

Also, here’s to the next 18 years.

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