Loch Trool

Only a couple of days left in Wigtown, and we opted for a walk in Galloway National Park. The car park next to the visitors centre was pay and display. The meters weren’t working, but you could pay with an App, or phone them. No reception and the visitors centre didn’t open for another half an hour.

Helen picked up a leaflet and found an alternative walk where we didn’t need to pay for parking. The small car park was filled with camper vans who had obviously stayed overnight, despite the no overnight parking signs.

Our revised walk was 6 miles around Loch Trool, although the walk meandered up and around. Two miles in we stopped at a viewpoint called Bruce’s Stone. The location of one of Robert The Bruce’s earliest victories over the English.

We followed the green route around the top of the Loch as the sun came out. Nelly was off her lead for almost all of this walk. She’s a tired old girl at the moment.

The walk wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t too tough even though there were a few up and down sections. One of the best walks we’ve done in the area.

Back in Wigtown I bought a book about Robert the Bruce, as I now almost nothing about him. In the bookshop the owner and one of his regular customers chatted about Bruce’s history and joked that I didn’t need to buy the book now. Another good day.


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