The Hunt for Red December

RED is a running acronym for Run Every Day, and for obvious reasons RED October is the most popular month to have a go at this challenge. This doesn’t mean that you can’t do a RED month at other times, or even extend it longer, Ron Hill style. He famously ran at least one mile every day for 50 years. That is a bit much for me, so I’m having a go at running every day in December. I’ve even persuaded my lovely wife to join me.

The first three days of December the weather has been fairly horrible, although we completed the Lancaster University Santa Dash on Day 2 (read about it here).


Day 3 we once again ran together, although it was after work in the dark so we only ran 3k. I haven’t given myself any rules for the month. Some people give themselves a daily minimum, often 5k, but the Santa Dash was less than 3k, so we intend to just go for a run and see how we feel on the day.


Today was Day 4 and I managed a gentle 5k run early in the morning with Nelly, who almost caught a rabbit in the park, while my wife took Nelly out for a run later in the day.

I’m not sure if we’ll manage the whole month, especially as both me and my wife have entered a particularly tough half marathon trail race in the middle of December. Hopefully we’ll finish the month injury free feeling stronger and fitter.

4 thoughts on “The Hunt for Red December

  1. Good luck on your RED goal. I had a running streak I started on January 1, 2015 managing at least a mile per day. Running the day after a marathon or an Ironman is not fun! I honestly believe the run every day thing made me a better runner, getting me two Boston Qualifiers. It was great until it wasn’t. Somewhere between my fall Ironman in 2017 and the Boston Marathon in 2018, I had seen a big performance drop. Matter of fact, my 4:05 Ironman marathon split was 5 minutes faster than my miserable Boston of 4:10. I was way overtrained. I dropped the run every day thing the day after Boston and I’m still trying to get back to where I was two years ago.

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